Chinese Mail Order Brides Services: What are They?

Many men from the USA and European countries are attracted by oriental beauty and mysterious Asian souls. And they would like to get a wife from the East, for example, from China.

The girls from this country are the most beautiful and intelligent among the other Asian ladies. And they are perfect for building a family because husbands and children are the most important things in their lives.

But where to get a Chinese wife? It’s rather far to go to China in order to meet girls, and a man should live there for quite a long time until he finds a woman appropriate for marriage. But this is not a problem anymore! Once there are Chinese mail order brides services you don’t have to go to China in order to find a wife from this country. You can get acquainted and communicate with ladies of this nationality without even going out from home!

Chinese brides websites are online marriage agencies that help men from the USA or Europe to find spouses from China.

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What Services May you Expect from Chinese Brides Sites?

These online resources provide a convenient and safe environment for a successful search and pleasant communication. After getting registered on the Chinese brides site you get access to the following services.

A high-quality catalog of Chinese brides for marriage

Chinese brides services do their best to enlarge the database of singles who are eager to marry foreigners constantly. They take care of the balance of men and women on the website and the lack of brides.

Due to the high-quality advertising, hundreds of women from China join the websites for finding husbands from abroad every day. So, there are enough Chinese brides for marriage for all the men who want to find a wife from this country.

On the other hand, the websites for international relationships don’t work only on the number of registered women. They also control the quality of the catalog. Fakes, girls under 18, empty accounts without photos, multiple profiles created by one person are not allowed. Also, the database is regularly cleaned of the abandoned accounts.

Extended settings for the productive search

Is it possible to meet only the girls of your taste in real life? Of course not. But on the online services for finding mail order wives it is! You can apply filters in order to see only the profiles of ladies who meet your requirements.

For example, if you are not an admirer of tall girls, you can specify the height under a certain value. Also, you can filter the ladies depending on their age in order not to see the accounts of women older than you like.

Due to the numerous filters, you can easily find a perfect match, and don’t waste your precious time scrolling through the dozens of inappropriate variants.

Various tools for the comfiest communication

You can choose any communication way you like:

  • Text chats. There is no better variant for getting acquainted. The text chat is unobtrusive and not confusing. Both sides won’t feel unconfident while starting to communicate with a new person. Also, this is the best variant for busy people as they can reply to a text message at any convenient time, even within a few hours or the next day.
  • Voice messages. This is a great way of communicating for those who are tired of texting. Sending voice messages is faster than typing. But note that not all Chinese girls’ English is perfect. So, try not to talk too fast.
  • Video chats. There is no better way to become closer to the person you like than to see her, hear her voice, look at her mimics and manners. All this is possible due to the video chats. 

Care about every user

Online marriage agencies are interested in enlarging the number of registered men and keeping each of them so that there would be enough potential husbands for all Chinese brides. That’s why you can rely on the help of technical support in any question related to the work of the website.

Feel free to contact a specialist and ask anything about the features and services provided by the mail order wives resource. You will get comprehensive answers and step-by-step instructions.

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How Chinese Mail Order Services Differ from other Chinese Dating Sites?

The men who have found their spouses on such services can say that there are no alternatives to them. Plain Chinese dating sites can’t give you such conditions for finding a wife as mail order services do. The main advantages of them are:

  • Only serious intentions. On plain dating sites, less than half of girls are going to build serious relationships. Others are either just spending free time there chatting with plenty of men or looking for quick flings without any plans for the common future. And far from all of such ladies say honestly about that. So, you will waste a lot of time trying to build relationships with women who don’t want to get married. Unlike this, online marriage agencies gather only profiles of the ladies who are eager to find a husband. So, there is no place on the Web or in real life so filled with Chinese brides for marriage.
  • Thorough monitoring of profiles. Not all plain dating sites can boast of high-quality moderation. This leads to a high level of trash accounts: fakes, bots, duplicates, old, abandoned, empty pages, etc. Unlike this, mail order services contain only real profiles with photos and other information about women.

What Benefits Do I Get by Using Such a Service?

As you have already read, such sites are much better than usual dating portals. And here are some more reasons to join a good online marriage agency as soon as possible.

A perfect environment for looking for a wife

It is better to go to a specialized place for this than to search for destiny somewhere in the world and relying on a random happy chance.

It can take years to find a good woman with serious intentions and a common outlook on a family on a plain dating website.

In real life, the chances are even lower. Where can you meet a Chinese bride in reality? Go to China to get acquainted with random girls? But where to get so much time to spend it in another country looking for a good woman? Of course, you can’t leave your job or business and go so far in search of happiness.

And even if you are ready to spend a vacation in China trying to get acquainted with girls, serious ladies are often cautious about tourists and don’t adamant about communicating with them. So, most likely, all that is waiting for you is a short affair with a light-minded girl.

Meanwhile, Chinese mail order services offer you a unique, convenient and safe space for finding a wife. All the women there have the same aim as you do — to get a spouse. So, it is the perfect place for meeting the one and only for starting a family.

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Saving time

You don’t need to scroll through the thousands of inappropriate and trash accounts in order to find the one you like. Due to the thorough moderation and advanced search settings looking for a girl of your taste is easy and quick. You can find a girl meeting your requirements for a future wife in just a few seconds.

No need to make much effort

Of course, we don’t say that you can do nothing, and a wife will appear as if by magic. Building relationships is still a rather difficult thing. But you can save some effort by not going anywhere — it’s possible to communicate with women from home or any other place you wish.


Getting a Chinese bride offline is very expensive. To increase the chances of finding the lady of his dreams, a man should go to another country to meet girls very often.

Using a specialized website, you save a lot of money because chats are rather cheap.

What to Consider When Choosing Chinese Mail Order Brides Service


Read the feedback from the former users. If they have successfully found wives on a certain site then you can be sure that you can do this as well.


It should be intuitive. If you can’t even find the “Get registered” button, what else to talk about? Avoid the sites with a too difficult interface because you will spend more time looking for the needed features than communicating with girls. And your mood will be spoilt.

So, to enjoy getting acquainted with brides choose a service with a user-friendly interface and good technical support ready to help you in case of any difficulties. 


Regular, diverse, and vivid communication is the key to the heart of a woman. So, there should be all the needed features for this. Everything shouldn’t end up with plain text chats. This is boring, tiring, and doesn’t let you develop relationships. There should also be an opportunity to send voice messages, start video chats, send virtual gifts, etc.

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Are Chinese Brides Real?

Yes, they are. The administration of good Chinese brides services cares about the users and ensures communication only with the real people. Every person who is trying to register on the website for international acquaintances is checked for being real. So, there are no fakes.

Also, users are prevented from creating multiple profiles. So, the catalog doesn’t seem bigger than it really is. Behind every account, there is a real Chinese girl who is eager to set up her private life in the best way.

Are Chinese Mail Order Brides Legal?

Yes, they are. The websites for getting acquainted with serious intentions are not restricted either in the European countries and the USA or in China. So, you may feel safe while using them.

Also, the administration of Chinese brides services allows registering only the ladies who are over 18. So, don’t worry about whether the mail-order brides are of legal age. There are no girls under 18.

How can I Protect Myself from Scam?

Even websites with perfect reputations can’t give you 100% protection from scam because it is impossible to check the conscience of a person getting registered. Of course, there are no fakes, but nobody knows for sure if the lady is fair. So, take precautions:

  • don’t transfer money to the girl you know for a little while.
  • don’t send precious presents to the ladies you have just got acquainted with.
  • don’t share personal information that can be used for fraudulent purposes (bank card number, ID photo, etc) with women.

The administration of the resources for finding wives will not be able to return the money that you have given to a lady voluntarily. So, give financial support or expensive gifts only to the ladies whom you fully believe.

How much does it cost to find a Chinese wife?

There is no fixed price because mail order wives websites don’t sell brides. They are only the platforms for the convenient, and safe search of a life partner and communicating with ladies. The services are not free of charge. Text and voice messages, video chats, virtual gifts, and other features are chargeable. But the final sum of money you will spend until getting married is only up to you.

Do mail-order bride services guarantee that I find a wife?

Nobody, even God, can’t give you a 100% warranty that you will find a spouse. Chinese mail order wives services only provide you with a convenient environment for search and communication. But the duration of the looking for a wife process depends only on you. The websites for international acquaintances can only give you some tips on how to find a wife faster:

  • Take interest in women who are not too different from you. If there is a huge age gap, different views on family, different sexual preferences, or any other essential disparities between you and the ladies you communicate with, the chances of starting successful relationships are lower.
  • Take the initiative. Don’t wait for a girl to write to you first or make the first steps for taking relations to the next level.
  • Don’t waste too much time communicating with the girls who don’t show reciprocal interest and feelings.

Good luck finding a Chinese wife!